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December 2012 Volume 2 Issue 4 


  ISSN 2249 – 6467



  Original Research Article   

                                                                                                                                            Open Access

  Free Radicals in various dental diseases and 

 effect of vitamin C supplementation on it

     Smita Sharma1*, Sanjeev Kumar2,Ramakant Dixit3,Veena Singh Ghalaut1,Pooja Rani4

     International Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2012 2(4):1-5.

1. Department of Biochemistry,PGIMS,Rohtak India

2   Government Medical College , Tanda , India

3. Department of Respiratory Medicine, Government   Medical College ,Ajmer.Rajastan India

4. Department of Oral Surgery, Himachal Dental College ,Sundernagar India


Free radical induced lipid peroxidation has been implicated in pathogenisis of several disorders. Lipid peroxidation product malonaldehyde 

(MDA)  was analyzed before and after vitamin c supplementation (500 mg single dose daily for 6 weeks ) in 25 patients of leukoplakia, 

47 patients of oral submucous fibrosis, 21 patients of candidiasis, 67 patients of dental caries, 62 patients of oral cancer and 50healthy 

controls. Significantly elevated levels of MDA were observed in leukoplakia, oral submucous fibrosis, and cancer as compared to controls 

(p<0.05). After six weeks of vitamin C supplementation MDA levels decreased in patients of candidiasis and dental caries but in leukoplakia, 

oral submucous fibrosis and cancer not much change was observed.These findings indicate a role of free radicals in their pathogenesis.

KEYWORDS: Oral disease, MDA level, Lipid peroxidation products, Vitamin C.


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