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 Volume 2 Issue 2 2012

Page number 1-45

International Journal of Phytotherapy Research

ISSN   2278 – 5701


   1. Tylophora  indica an Indian Ipecacuahna: A Review

  Kumar Sunil ,  Sharma Priya

  2. Vegetative and Reproductive Phenophase Analysis of Plantogo ovata forssk. 

   With Particular reference to Kymore Plateau Region

 Dwivedi Ashish  Pandey Rajnish

  3. Estimation of Total Phenolic Content and Invitro Antioxidant 

   Activity of Bacopa monnieri

  M.Sravan Prasad Manoranjan.S, G.Venkateshwarlu, CH.Madhu, A.Sambasivarao, Sujit ku. Patro

  4 . Medicinal Plants used by the Thakar Tribes of Raigad District, Maharashtra For the Treatment of 

   Snake-Bite and Scorpion- Bite

 Singh E. A. Kamble S. Y., Bipinraj N. K., Jagtap S. D

  5.  Evaluation of Anti-Microbial Activity of Bambusa Vulgaris Leaves

  Sravanprasad macherla, Manoranjan sabat,Sharadanalla,Venkateshwarlu.G , E.Rajeshwari

  6. Antipyretic activity of leaves of Cadaba trifoliata (L.) DRUCE

 R.Mythreyi, E.Sasikala, A.Geetha




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